Enerflex Radiant Panel

Generac Starting Watts Gas Powered Inverter Generator

Reflects up to 96% of radiant energy

Easy to install on any new or existing home

Durable and tear resistant

Pays for itself

On a hot day, heat from the sun is absorbed by the roof
shingles and warms up the sheathing below, which radiates
heat toward the attic floor and conventional insulation.
All materials emit radiant heat to varying degrees based
on their surface temperature. By installing Enerflex Radiant
Barrier, up to 96% of this radiant energy will be reflected
back toward the roof.

The result: The top surface of the insulation is cooler than
it would have been, which reduces the amount of heat that
moves through the insulation to the living areas below.
Enerflex Radiant Barrier comes in flat panels and rolls to
meet your specific needs. Refer to the chart on the right
to determine which products are right for your project.

Reduce Your Utility Bills

The increased performance of your insulation and
ductwork and decreased workload on your air conditioner
and other appliances mean fnerflex Radiant Barrier will
pay for itself in utility bill savings.
Multiple studies and tests have proven the merits of
installing a radiant barrier system. For more information
on radiant barriers and their use, please visit the

Web sites below:
ENERGY STAR@: www.energystar. gov
U.S. Department of Energy: wwuenergy.gov
Oak Ridge National Laboratory: www.ornl.gov
Florida Solar Energy Center: www.fsec.ucf.edu

Generac’s iQ2000 portable inverter generator allows you to have power wherever life takes you. It’s perfect for tailgating parties, camping trips, jobsites and more. Best of all, it’s quiet, smart, and easy to use.

Smart Features for ease of use.

The iQ2000 is the smartest inverter generator available on the market today. With the LED dashboard, you’ll always know how much run time you have remaining, when to refuel, and how much power you have left. And that’s not all…

Enerflex Panels                                                                                                                                                          
. Install without tools
. Tension fit between rafters
. Best for adding a radiant
barrier to an existing home

Enerflex Rolls
. (ianlpd
v(evrvv tn raftarc
. Best for new construction
and covering the gable
end walls and other
vertical surfaces

Panel sizes available
. 16″x 48 for 16 o.c.
rafter spacing
. 24 x 48″ for 24″ o.c.
rafter spacing

Roll sizes available
Larger roll sizes available
at EnerflexFoil.com

Installing Enerflex Radiant Barrier in certain applications
may qualify for state and local government tax credits.
Many energy companies also offer rebates to their customers
for installing an attic radiant barrier. Look for programs in
your area to take advantage of these savings.

Savings vary. Your fuel savings from a radiant barrier
system will depend upon the climate, the type and size of
your house, the amount of insulation already in your house,
and your fuel use patterns and family size. To get the best
performance, it is essential that Enerflex Radiant Barrier
be properly installed.

The iQ2000 handles any device or collection of devices up to a maximum of 1600 running watts, or 2000 starting watts. Plus, with the Parallel Kit, you can run two iQ2000s at once for twice the power! It’s perfect for RV’s, recreational activities, and jobsites.